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Switch Off Annoying System Sounds 2


Switch Off Annoying System Sounds

After a while of using a Mac, system sounds that play every time you do something wrong will get annoying. Most of the time, as and experienced user, you will know that you have made a mistake. You don’t need an annoying dong, to accompany it. As well as this Automator, and Apple Script to some extent, usually make an annoy dong every time it moves through the script. You can turn these off easily with only a couple of clicks. Save yourself some sanity.

Disable The Boot Up Sound 9


Disable The Boot Up Sound

Every time you boot up your Mac you hear the familiar boot up sound. But it does get annoying after a while. Disabling it is quite easy, all you have to do is mute your volume. But you have to remeber to do this every time before you shutdown. This is a pain. There are methods in which you can get around this. One uses a preference pane. The other involves creating files that run on boot up and shutdown.

Changing The Volume More Accurately 5


Changing The Volume More Accurately

If you have an Apple keyboard, you can change the volume through the function keys. This is pretty normal usually through Fn + F3-5. But did you know that you can change the volume even more accurately. After looking though a list of shortcuts I have found how you can do this. Its not the most useful trick in the world, but cool none the less.

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