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Introduction To Spaces – #9 Noob2Pro 1


Introduction To Spaces – #9 Noob2Pro

Today’s topic will be Spaces. I don’t use Spaces that often, I prefer using Exposé, however some people swear by it. Its a system app that is designed to give you extra desktops. It is actually quite useful, basically you get to increase the amount of desktops that belong to you. It makes organising and working a lot simpler. You can put specific apps in specific Spaces, as a result you can have easily defined areas where you work.

A Collection of Spaces Tips and Tricks 16


A Collection of Spaces Tips and Tricks

I seem to be doing a lot of random list articles all of a sudden. It must be a phase I am going through. Anyway I like lists since I can refer to them myself when I can’t remember how to do something. This list today is going to lots of hints, tips and tricks for Spaces. Spaces is the virtual desktop software which can allow you to have more than one desktop at a time. Very handy if your computers gets cluttered up. This list will range from the basic tip to the more advance tricks. I hope it comes in handy for you.

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