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Add A Preferences Stack 5


Add A Preferences Stack

This tip was an idea of my friend. If you use System Preferences a lot, you may want a quick way of accessing the panes. This little trick is designed to show a simple and easy way to add such a stack to your dock. It does take a little bit of work to set it up. But the results are very useful.

Give More Meaning To Stacks 1


Give More Meaning To Stacks

Stacks on Leopard are great. But they could be improved ever so slightly to give them more meaning. For example on the face of it the stacks all look the same and it can be very hard to differentiate between them. Luckily some clever folk has managed to come up with a small hack to enable you to add a small images to the stacks. This then enables you to easily see which stack is which. The image below gives you an example of what I mean.

Add A Gradient Behind Icons In Stacks 0


Add A Gradient Behind Icons In Stacks

This is another “improvement” that you can add to improve the look of stacks. What this hack does is add a gradient background to any item you hover over in a stack. The result of this means you get a cool graphical effect as shown in the conveniently placed picture below.

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