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Extracting Text From PDF Files 14


Extracting Text From PDF Files

I like the use of PDF’s, they work well and (usually) appear the same on ever computer. One of the advantages of PDF’s is the text embedded within the file, and the abilty to manipulate. Although many PDF readers have functions to copy and paste text, whats quicker than creating an Automator script to extract PDF text into a text file.

Inserting Ellipsis And Their Uses 2


Inserting Ellipsis And Their Uses

Did you know that on many menu items within Mac OS X there are three dots (…) called ellipsis. Ellipsis are very illusive and can be extremely confusing if you find something isn’t working and you haven’t got a clue why. The problem is down to ellipsis.

Edit A Text File In Terminal 11


Edit A Text File In Terminal

Here is a cool trick to enable you to edit text files in Terminal using a little applications called pico. Its really easy and the text editor is quite powerful. It is really simple to do and can open every file that you can open in text edit.

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