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Reducing Time Machine Disk Space 15

Time Machine

Reducing Time Machine Disk Space

I like Time Machine, for my needs it is perfect. The problem is that disk space isn’t unlimited as a result you may run out. This post will be showing you how you can save those little bits of space so you can get the most out of your backups. Although it will normally delete backups that you don’t need you will eventually run out of space.

Start Time Machine Backups From Terminal 1

Time Machine

Start Time Machine Backups From Terminal

This is only a quick tip today since I am not feeling to great. If you have ever used Time Machine you can start a backup using the menu bar command. But that is a boring command way of doing things. We like playing with Terminal don’t we.

Edit Time Machine’s Backup Intervals 8

Time Machine

Edit Time Machine’s Backup Intervals

I love using Time Machine as a backup tool. Although I do still do monthly backups, as a quick way of recovering old files nothing can beat it. Time Machine, by default, is set to backup every single hour. This can for some people be a problem. You may have a Mac which you are using for production use, the extra CPU and disk usage could bedetrimental to your work. As well as this, may be you only want Time Machine to back up once or twice a day, to keep back up disk usage down. On the face of it there isn’t a very easy way to do this. But a cool little program called TimeMachineEditor can do this all for you.

View What Time Machine Backs Up 9

Time Machine

View What Time Machine Backs Up

Time Machine is great for the average consumer of Mac’s. You don’t need to think about backing up files it just does it for you. But sometimes you have to wonder, what exactly does Time Machine backup? Some times, when I haven’t do a lot file creating, it backups around 2Gb of files. Some clever person has created a small perl application that scans your Time Machine backup for changes and displays them in Terminal.

Email Backup Pro 1

Time Machine

Email Backup Pro

Every day MacUpdate release a new piece of software at a discounted price. For a while I have wanted to talk about some of the software that has come up, but a decent one has never turned up till today. Email Backup Pro, is ones of those pieces of software that is really cheap and really good. A combination that never seems to appear on the internet.

Easily Access Time Machine In Finder 4

Time Machine

Easily Access Time Machine In Finder

Time Machine is a great little tool for backing up files and folders. Although it is not the most powerful backup tool in the world it is certainly good for the average user. The problem with this is that it is in not in the most useful place to use, that is the dock. Thankfully there is a way to make this easier.

Warning On Unsupported Time Machine Disks 2

Time Machine

Warning On Unsupported Time Machine Disks

I wanted to mention this tip as a warning to anyone who is using Time Machine on an supported drive. You may face problems and as a result lose your backups. This can be quite serious and as a result you need to take some caution.

Increasing Time Machine Backup Interval 1

Time Machine

Increasing Time Machine Backup Interval

If you are not using Time Machine you should. It so easy to use and simple to set up. Anyway I have found that my Time Machine could backup more frequently. The default time is one hour. In an hour I can create change and delete a lot of file that wouldn’t be backed up. You can change the backup time value and it is easy to do. There are two ways to do this, through Terminal or the good old manual way. They do the same thing.

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