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Must Have Menu Bar Applications 36


Must Have Menu Bar Applications

It has been a long while since I have done a “Top X” post. I do enjoy writing them and looking for new, different and most used applications. Its fun all of the research side. If you can cast you mind back I have previously written about the Top 50 Terminal Command and the Top 100 Mac Applications. Theses were bot very successful and a lot of people enjoyed reading them. This time I am going to write about Must Have Menu Bar Applications.

20 Essential Mac OS X Apps For Bloggers 16


20 Essential Mac OS X Apps For Bloggers

As a blogger there are some applications that are just essential to help improve my productivity and to save time. I have gone through my computer and I am presenting to you 20 essential applications that any Mac blogger should have. They are presented in alphabetical order.

Top 50 Terminal Commands 132


Top 50 Terminal Commands

Terminal is Mac OS X way into the command line world. It is designed for you to typing in specific commands that you would not be able to do otherwise. This is great for customizing your Mac and unveiling hidden features. It is also a good way to destroy you system because you screwed something up.

Top 100 Essential Mac Applications 67


Top 100 Essential Mac Applications

I love my Mac and I have hundreds of applications installed on it. As a result I wanted to do a post on what I believe are the top 100 Mac applications that are essential to any user. I’ve picked a variety of applications that I could think of. I have tried to go for the cheaper free option, but quite a few you have to pay for. If you think I am missing an application leave a comment with a link to the app and why you should think it should be included, it doesn’t have to be long, I just want your opinions. If you disagree with any leave a comment with your reasons.

Each application will be split into a couple of major sections. There are some applications that could be in more than one section, but that is not the point of this post. I will also include a link and a bit of descriptive text on what the application is about. There may be duplicate items of the same nature i.e word processing, i’ve included this due to the differences each application has. The list is in no particular order, mostly alphabetical.

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