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Add Trash To The Sidebar 11


Add Trash To The Sidebar

Today’s handy hint was supplied by my friend and I just had to share it with you. As you may know the Trash folder exists in your dock. This is quite a useful place. You can actually place a link to your Trash folder in the sidebar, which I find is a handy place to work from. This tip is a bit long winded, ands its not a simple solution. However the results are quite useful.

Adding A Trash Stack 2


Adding A Trash Stack

This is quick post which many of you find useful. For any one who has Leopard and uses stacks, a Trash stack may be very useful. Normally you can’t put a Trash stack in the dock since you don’t have access to to the Trash folder itself it can be quite hard to do, but there is a work around.

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