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Keeping Your Screen Saver Running 1


Keeping Your Screen Saver Running

This is a cool little trick that I have been using over the last couple of days. If your screensaver like mine displays a clock, it can be really useful to keep the screensaver running over a period of time. Although you could set the setting of the screensaver from turning off this doesn’t help if you want to use any energy saver options in this energy conscious world.

Drop Down List Of Words In Safari 6


Drop Down List Of Words In Safari

It was difficult to find a summarizing sentence for how cool this little trick is. In a nutshell, if you have a word in any Safari text box, such as the one used for searching on this site. When you press F5 a large list of words will appear, as shown in the image below.

Enable Full Screen Maximizing 3


Enable Full Screen Maximizing

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. University was at full throttle and I couldn’t get a spare hour that I could use to write a good quality post. Good news is, the vacation is here and I have three weeks with plenty of spare time. This post is only a quick one while I get into the habit of posting. Its all about being able to use the green maximise to maximise the window to the far corners of your screen. Something Windows users and switchers may finduseful.

iTunes Style Theme For Leopard 0


iTunes Style Theme For Leopard

This post is a semi request by MacTips, he asked in the previous post how I got the iTunes style scroll bars in the window. The answer is really simple (a lot simpler than the method I original used) and I am quite pleased with the effect. Although the install is simple to use, it does move around system files, as a result I wouldn’t recommend doing anything on a machine you really can’t live without.

Expose and Command Tab Trick 5


Expose and Command Tab Trick

The title may sound a bit weird but this little trick is quite cool. If you use Expose you will realise that you can view every one of one application and every window open at the same time. You can combine this effect with command + tab to achieve and interesting effect.

Append The Previous Terminal Command 0


Append The Previous Terminal Command

This is just a quick post, I don’t have much time today. In short this post is about quick recovering from those little slips you make while using Terminal. Every so often you will be writing a line in Terminal, hit enter and then forget something and end up with a syntax error. This is really annoying, but you can correct this quickly with out having to press up on the keyboard and trying to correct the whole line.

Ejecting DVD’s & CD’s From Your Mac 39


Ejecting DVD’s & CD’s From Your Mac

Although the title may seem simple, every so often a CD or DVD will get stuck inside your Mac, not matter how much you hit the eject button nothing will happen. It is stuck. Anyway this post will show you a couple of tricks that will hopefully help you eject a stuck disk. Most of the time waiting and coming back to eject the disk seems to work. But if that doesn’t work you can use some of the following tips.

Mac 101 – Saving Files 5

Mac 101

Mac 101 – Saving Files

As part of my Mac 101 series and a personal request from Brady, I am going to introduce good techniques on saving files. If you are new to the OS and have come from Windows saving files is slightly different but once you learn the tricks of the trade it is really simple. I can quickly navigate to deep levels on my Mac with the slightest of ease.

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