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Installing wget On Your Mac For Terminal 16


Installing wget On Your Mac For Terminal

I like using Terminal, it is usually much more efficient and a lot quicker then the normal methods you use on your Mac. This post is about one widely used tool on UNIX and Linux systems, wget. Wget is a small program that can download files and folders to your computer through Terminal. There is already program similar to wget on your Mac, it is called curl. Although they do the same task, I prefer wget. When I tried curl on my computer it threw up lots of errors and problems. This post will tell you how to install wget and some simple basic usage. It is simple to do and really doesn’t take that long. I can’t take full credit for this tip, I took some of the steps from asitis.

Cool Unix Terminal Comnmands 3


Cool Unix Terminal Comnmands

I love Terminal. It ease of use and the raw power behind such a small little application. Anyway I have been looking on the internet during an hour of boredom to find cool and interesting commands which you can use in Terminal to show some cool statistics. This post sort of follows on from Playing Games In Terminal, which I posted eariler. These commands are designed to be low level and not very powerful. I have only posted a few, but if you do know any more please leave a comment below.

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