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Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection) 7


Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection)

In a previous post about a great Mac wallpaper some one asked about compiling a list of great wallpapers for the Mac. I like good wallpapers. Some pieces of art are amazing and are definitely worth being adorned on your desktop. This post is not going to go through a list specific wallpapers, as peoples tastes vary, as well as this it would probably kill my bandwidth. I am going to link to collections which you should check out and every so often cite good examples. As always if you have a good site or wallpaper please leave a comment.

Amazing iPhone Wallpapers 0


Amazing iPhone Wallpapers

The worlds best, in my opinion, of iPhone wallpapers. None of those rubbish rip of sites you find. This site has the best designs and themes. Makes me wish I had an iPhone.

Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers 5


Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers

For any iPhone or iTouch owners out there I am going to share with you a really cool site. It is a website dedicated to amazing wallpapers formatted and designed to fit perfectly on your iTouch/iPhone. I must say that some of the designs are really cool. I wish I had an iTouch so I could try them out.

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