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Write Equations In Microsoft Word 9


Write Equations In Microsoft Word

I use Microsoft Word (2004, although later version should still work) and I end up writing a lot of equations. Without this tutorial, most people would try and form an equation using spaces, the sub-script functions as well as inserting symbols. The problem with this is that it is slow, cumbersome, as well inaccurate. You will generally face a lot of problems. There is a solution to this problem. Use the Equation Editor, it is simple to use and the results are amazing quite frankly.

Inserting Apple Characters Into Word 0


Inserting Apple Characters Into Word

If you are on a Mac a lot and you are writing documents that involve the command, option and control keys for shortcuts, you may be interested in this small work around to automatically display the symbols in your current Word documents. It takes a couple of minutes to set up. But once as you get it all correct you can really improve the quality and output of your documents.

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